Volume 1, Issue 2 (February 2016)

Editor’s Message

Welcome to our second edition of Math + Code, an online magazine that connects math to coding and coding to math. We are thrilled to be releasing another issue of this online resource for teachers, students and parents.

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Featured Articles

collins_4Developing Math Skills & the 4C’s Through CT – Stephanie Collins

Coding is a cyclical process as students evaluate their performance and refine their actions to achieve a desired outcome. These cyclical skills enhance perseverance and resilience, skills required of 21st century learners.

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Creating a Cash Register Program to Learn about Percents – Dawn DuPriest

“Look, Ms. DuPriest! We’re making a shopping program in Scratch in math class. I’m really proud of mine.” She showed me a program with an adorable snow monster wearing an ugly sweater, asking about prices and discounts. We ran her program a few times and I asked her questions.

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Perspectives on Teaching Code in Elementary SchoolsEnzo Ciardelli

This lesson model follows an inquiry and knowledge based format and centres around students pursuing a goal involving coding a metric conversion tool.  We examine the viewpoints of the teacher, the principal and most importantly, the student.

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so_4To Code or Not to Code?Jonathan So

Coding doesn’t teach my students to memorize facts or to follow procedures, but instead it has taught them to consider what they are doing and why. Sure, many of them often follow the ideas of others, but the thinking that goes into understanding code is significant.

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IMG_4416 Learning on the Fly Ryan Matthews

Almost every group grasped the concept quickly and were navigating the maze in no time. It was so fun to watch students excited and engaged in an activity involving geometry.

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Coding Shapes with Primary School Children

An interview with teachers Leslee Minniti (Grade 1), Bronna Silver (Grades 2/3) and Iain Brodie (Grades 7/8), St. Andrews Public School, TDSB, on collaborating to engage Grades 1-3 students with coding for the first time.

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Teacher Education Initiatives

Western U’s Teacher Candidates Reflect on a Coding Task

In my own short journey in learning how to code, I have consistently recognized I am learning how to learn again. To learn to code, you have to overcome the fear of not knowing how to do something. Using Scratch enables you to learn to code in a non-threatening way.

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Digital Making: The UOIT STEAM-3D Maker Lab – Janette Hughes & Laura Morrison

Makerspace pedagogies encourage and promote perseverance, resiliency, problem-solving and an approach that supports learning from “failure”.

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