Editor’s Message – Volume 1, Issue 2 (February 2016)

Welcome to our second edition of Math + Code, a magazine that connects math to coding and coding to math.

This edition of Math + Code ‘Zine offers:

  • Featured Articles written by our contributors related to all things math and code;
  • Interviews with individuals who share how they use coding and/or computational thinking as a tool to support and enhance math learning;
  • Highlights of some of the Teacher Education Initiatives related to coding;
  • Links to current online articles and resources related to math and coding.

Thank you for checking in. We hope this Math + Code ‘Zine will assist you with providing effective and interesting learning opportunities for students in mathematics.  We welcome your comments and perspective about our articles and activities.  Please help us to promote our new magazine by sharing it on Twitter.  You can find us @mathncode.

I am thrilled to be the Associate Editor of a magazine for a theme that I am so passionate about!

Lisa Floyd, Associate Editor @lisaannefloyd

Math + Code ‘Zine is a project by George Gadanidis supported by The Fields Institute and Western’s Teaching Support Centre