Celebrating our math + science thinking

TVDSB Concerts

  • live at TVDSB, 2/4 November 2010
  • 4 math + science concerts for 2,000 grade 3-6 students

Feedback from Grade 2/3, Princess Elizabeth P.S., Ingersoll

Dear George and the Joy of X:

  • Thank you so much for performing math and science songs for us on Nov. 4.
  • We had a good time and learned a lot.
  • We recorded everything in our writing books.
  • "Will it sink or will it float?" was our class' favourite song. We surveyed our class and found that 10 out of 23 students liked it the best (that's 43%).
  • We have already tried out a few of your math lessons. We needed a carpet area in our room but we didn't have enough space so we tried arranging our desks into a rectangular array. Hurray! It worked! Thanks for the advice.
  • We have also tried the infinity experiment. It was cool to hold infinity in our hands. It took forever! (LOL)
  • The concert was awesome! We had a great time and hope to see you again.
  • P.S. - We didn't get the parallel lines that meet though.