The Fields Institute has generously funded our first set of Joy of X performances for schools.
Joy of X is a math & science performance project by George Gadanidis.

Our goal is to celebrate mathematical and scientific thinking and help K-8 students, teachers and parents experience math and science as a fully human activity, that can be discussed with family and friends as one would with a favourite book or a good movie.

George Gadanidis

Joy of X offers math and science prerformances (see teacher sample) for K-8 students, teachers and parents that involve rich activities + stories/drama + songs. We have a variety of performances aimed at different age groups.

Concept & lyrics by George Gadanidis; music by Ian Parliament and Ryan Casselman + friends.


We are looking for more sponsors to help us provide our performances free of charge to K-8 students, teachers and parents .

If you would like to sponsor our performances, please contact Tracy Fawdry at tfawdry@uwo.ca or (519) 661-2111 x87643 to make a tax-deductible donation to the Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario, towards this project.


George Gadanidis

Faculty of Education
University of Western Ontario

1137 Western Road, London, ON, N6G1G7, Canada

email: ggadanid@uwo.ca
website: http://publish.edu.uwo.ca/george.gadanidis