Explore the link between coding and growing patterns. See also the simulation version and the Scratch version.

How to play:

  • Set your level of play (bottom-left)
    • level 1, only repeat changes
    • level 2, only N changes
    • level 3, both N and repeat change
  • Set your success goal for the game (bottom-left)
    • If you meet your success goal, you get a math surprise!

Math overview




From Iain Brodie's Grade 3/4 class (June 24). Thank you Mr Brodie's class!!

  • After getting the surprise video, could we choose a new character? How about different shapes like stars or hearts for the pattern? Could we have a button to choose them? How about choose your own characters? - If you click on the character, he now changes colour.
  • Need more videos. Can we supply some of the videos? - Will be adding more videos soon. Would love to get some form you.
  • Level button was not easy to find, we played level one, and it got too easy. - Made it a brighter colour so it's easier to notice.
  • Could we go past ten, please? - This is a challenge as our grid, table and graph would not fit.
  • Too, easy. We need harder puzzles!!! We want more levels. Higher than three. - Will work on this.
  • How about a spaceship that shoots the numbers? - That would be cool.


Visited Iain Brodie's Grade 3/4 class today (June 10) and his students tried the first draft of the game. Their feedback was used to design the second draft (above). Thank you Mr Brodie's class!! Here's their feedback:

What did you like?

  • the questions
  • the videos (math surprises)
    • she's a mathematician
    • round is a pancake
  • learned to do things
  • took skill - it was a learning game
  • it was fun
  • I liked the rewards (for meeting your target score)
  • it was challenging too, to get the score
  • the code - how we had to unscramble the code


What didn't you like?

  • couldn't set Goal to less than 7
  • too easy towards the end - need more challenge
  • after game is over, score set to zero - would like to see past scores
  • couldn't see videos on full screen (some students could)

What more would you like to see?

  • different/more videos (math surprises)
  • have levels, like Easy, Medium, Hard
  • more questions
  • hints, like N x ? = 12
  • help box to explain - maybe video explanation
  • I don't like how you can't go over 10 (for N and for repeat)
  • different videos/songs for different levels
  • a bigger prize if you get all questions correct
  • more than 3 chances to get correct answer
  • earn medals/badges/pins
  • a bar that gets filled as you get points
  • a character (maybe a circle character) that "stamps" your answers on the grid (call it Mr Jumpy, or Mr Circle) - students also suggested other characters, like Math Ninja, Math Potato, etc, and visual effects (like explosions), maybe wearing ject packs to fly around the grid and stamp