In Scratch code

  • Explore the link between coding and growing patterns.
  • Change the Scratch code to create your own.
  • See details below for Scratch Version 1 - Bar Graph.

Math overview

See the interview with mathematician Lindi Wahl.

Version 1 - Bar Graph  

Code - play with the Scratch code

  • The Counter starts at 1 and keeps increasing by 1.
  • The number of squares = 3 * Counter.
  • The number of diamonds = 2.
  • Run the code to plot the bar graph.
  • Change the values in the code and see how the bar graph changes.


  • Each bar is made of squares and diamonds.
  • Change the numbers in the code to change:
    • the number of squares
    • the number of diamonds
    • the number of bars
  • Which number(s) affect the steepness of the graph?