2.d.4 Classroom documentary


In grades 11 and 12, students study periodic functions, like y = sin(x) and y = cos(x). Are these ideas accessible to young children?

Problems to explore

Grades 3-4 students explored periodic patterns that emerged from the following problem situations.

  • Problem 1. Imagine a yellow dot on a car tire, turning as the car moves forward. If the dot leaves a trail as it moves, what will the trail look like?
  • Problem 2. A grandfather clock has one piece of cheese placed on each of the hours 1-12. A mouse runs up the clock and eats the cheese at one o'clock. Then it runs back down. If it repeats the process for all 12 pieces of cheese, what would a bar graph of the 12 heights it traveled look like?
  • Problem 3. What is the shape of a bar graph representing average monthly temperatures for the months January to December in Toronto? What is the shape of a bar graph representing the sunrise times in Toronto over a year?