Math (funded by SSHRC, KNAER + Fields)

  1. Infinity in my hand (gr. 3: fractions, infinity, limit)
  2. Making sums of 10 (gr. 3-4: patterning, linear functions)
  3. How to fence a pen (gr. 2-4: area, perimeter, optimization)
  4. Where parallel lines meet (gr. 2: geometry of a sphere)
  5. Probability race (gr. 2-4: probability with dice)
  6. Odds and evens (gr. 2, 7: growth patterns, odds, evens)
  7. How much is a billion? (gr. 3: Fermi questions, social justice)
  8. Growing patterns (gr. 1-4: growth patterns, slope, linear functions)
  9. Math waves around us (gr. 3-4: patterning, trigonometry)
  10. Low floor, high ceiling (big ideas for young mathematicians)
  1. Cough, cough (gr. 4: pollution, social justice)
  2. Eating plastic (gr. 3-4: the great plastic dump, social justice)
  3. Refraction action (gr. 2-3: refraction)
  4. Will it float, will it sink? (gr. 2-3: density, buoyancy)
  5. Gravity's pull (gr. 2-3: gravity, density)
Peter Jaffe on violence & abuse
  1. Never met a happy bully (bullying and breaking the silence)
  2. The lizard in your brain (violence in the media)





Graham Denham on infinity

Mathematician Graham Denham (Western University) discusses some of the ideas around infinity and limit explored by grades 2-4 students, as they studied fractions.