Math (funded by SSHRC, KNAER + Fields)

  1. Infinity in my hand (gr. 3: fractions, infinity, limit)
  2. Making sums of 10 (gr. 3-4: patterning, linear functions)
  3. How to fence a pen (gr. 2-4: area, perimeter, optimization)
  4. Where parallel lines meet (gr. 2: geometry of a sphere)
  5. Probability race (gr. 2-4: probability with dice)
  6. Odds and evens (gr. 2, 7: growth patterns, odds, evens)
  7. How much is a billion? (gr. 3: Fermi questions, social justice)
  8. Growing patterns (gr. 1-4: growth patterns, slope, linear functions)
  9. Math waves around us (gr. 3-4: patterning, trigonometry)
  10. Low floor, high ceiling (big ideas for young mathematicians)
  1. Cough, cough (gr. 4: pollution, social justice)
  2. Eating plastic (gr. 3-4: the great plastic dump, social justice)
  3. Refraction action (gr. 2-3: refraction)
  4. Will it float, will it sink? (gr. 2-3: density, buoyancy)
  5. Gravity's pull (gr. 2-3: gravity, density)
Peter Jaffe on violence & abuse
  1. Never met a happy bully (bullying and breaking the silence)
  2. The lizard in your brain (violence in the media)

Math Concert, 26 May 2012, a Fields Institute event

Math Concert: Bob Hallett (Great Big Sea), Tracy Bone, J.C. Campbell, and Moira Burke join Joy of X (Ian Parliament, Ryan Casselman, Ricardo Scucuglia, Emily Parliament, Matt Ross, Alex, Molly and Timothy Gadanidis), at the Regent Theatre, UOIT. See a news report from Western Education.

Songs based on the SSHRC-funded research of George Gadanidis (UWO), Marcelo Borba (UNESP, Brazil) and Janette Hughes (UOIT).

Research outreach funding from SSHRC, KNAER, and the Fields Institute.

Infinity in my hand

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Math waves

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I'm from math

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Math surprise

Round is a pancake

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Fence a pen

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