2.a.1. song, dance & coloUR


You need a partner.

You also need a xylophone.

Take the mallet and using 2 of the bars (say the red and the blue), play a repeating pattern.

For example:


As you play the pattern on the xylophone, sing the colours with your partners: RED, RED, BLUE, RED, RED, BLUE, RED, RED, BLUE ...

Take turns with your partner. Create other patterns to play on the xylophone and to sing.



Now you need colour mats, like the ones shown below.


As you play and sing the pattern, your partner hops on the matching colours on the mats.

You've just created a repeating pattern song and dance!



Now you need some inch-grid strips and some bingo dabbers.

Use the bingo dabbers to record your repeating patterns on the inch-grid strips.

Some repeating patterns created by others are shown below.