1. Cough, cough (gr. 4: pollution, social justice)
  2. Eating plastic (gr. 3-4: the great plastic dump, social justice)
  3. Refraction action (gr. 2-3: refraction)
  4. Will it float, will it sink? (gr. 2-3: density, buoyancy)




Refraction action


Refraction action

Light bends
It turns
Like sledding
With a foot in the snow

A car
That hits a gravel patch
And the wheels’
Speeds don’t match

A lifeguard
Her surfboard
Half in the water
She thinks it’s broken


I aim at a fish
By the pier
But always
Miss with a spear

Light  plays
Tricks with my eyes
My spear seems broken
I’ll settle for some fries

I look up
At the rainbow
And I think, Refraction!

A song written based on Grade 2/3 student comments at a Math and Science Camp after exploring the effect of refraction on objects partially submerged in water. The song was performed live at the UOIT Math Camp in 2010. See the original song, performed by the grades 2-3 children.