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PhD, Professor, Faculty of Education, Western University
Email: ggadanid @

I spend 50-60 days each year in elementary school classrooms, collaborating with teachers to design cool ways of engaging young children with big math ideas. My work is in mathematics + technology + the arts.


I am currently collaborating with Marcelo Borba (UNESP, Brazil), Chantal Buteau (Brock), Janette Hughes (UOIT), Steven Khan (Brock), Miroslav Lovric (McMaster), Ami Mamolo (UOIT), Immaculate Namukasa (UWO), Donna Kotsopoulos (WLU), and Ricardo Scucuglia (UNESP, Brazil), Nathalie Sinclair (SFU), & Peter Taylor (Queen's).

I have also collaborated with Susan Gerofsky (UBC), Cornelia Hoogland (UWO), Rick Jardine (UWO) & Kamran Sedig (UWO).


  • Rosa Cendros Araujo (PhD)
  • Erin Clements (PhD)
  • Bingqing Xu (MA)
  • Tess Yang (MA)
  • Ye Jin Lee (MEd - 2016)
  • Ruth Teszeri (MEd - 2016)
  • Ricardo Scucuglia (PhD - 2012) - "On the nature of students' digital mathematical performances"
  • Linda Moore (Master's - 2012)
  • Liliana Simion (Master's - 2011) - "Effects of Frequent Cooperative Quizzes on the Achievement of First Year College Students Enrolled in a Mathematics Course"
  • Wendy Ruth Carter (Master's - 2010) - "A case study of a regional youth festival of the arts"
  • De-Graft Kwadwo Osafo (Master's - 2010) - "Exploring Science Education through Performance-arts Lens"
  • Andrea Law (Master's - 2009) - "Tablet PC’s and their impact on Teaching and Learning"
  • Monique Van Hooft (Master's - 2009) - "Developing the Digital Literacy Skills of First Year College and University Students"
  • Amy Strauss (Master's - 2008) - "Podcasts, Blogs, and Wikis"
  • Alireza Moghaddam (PhD - 2008) - "Virtual Collaboration: Creating a Teaching-Learning and Knowledge Constructing Model"
  • Donna Kotsopoulos (PhD - 2007) - "Communication in Mathematics:  A Disclosure Analysis of Peer Collaborations"
  • Stephanie Luxton (Master's - 2007) - "An Examination of Exemplar Mentoring Programs to Identify the Keys to Success"
  • Michelle Cordy (Master's - 2006) - "If Ten is the Answer, What is the Question?"
  • Tammy Flemming (Master's 2006) - "Effective Mentoring"
  • John Dallan (Master's - 2003)
  • Elizabeth Matlock (Master's - 2003)

AWARDS (partial list)

2016 SSHRC Partnership Development Grant on Computational Thinking in Mathematics Education ($199,000)

2016 SSHRC Insight Grant on Aesthetic Experiences for Young Mathematicians & their Teachers ($168,000)

2016 Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching

2014-2017 Teaching Fellowship with Western's Teaching Support Centre

2012-2015 SSHRC grant on Performing New Images of Mathematicians ($98,730)

2011 SSHRC and Fields Institute grants on Performing Mathematics Education Research ($99,000)

2011 KNAER grant on What did you do in Math today? ($25,000)

2010 Outstanding Paper Award for: Gadanidis, G. & Hughes, J. (2010). “Sing me a good story”: Using online music videos to share students’ classroom mathematics. ED-MEDIA 2010-World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, Toronto, Canada.

2008-2011 SSHRC grant on Students as Performance Mathematicians ($95,000)

2008-2013 Imperial Oil Foundation grant for the Math Performance Festival ($50,000)

2006-2008 SSHRC-RDI grant on Digital Mathematical Performance ($40,000)

2006 Inukshuk grant for Windows into Mathematics ($80,000)

2006 Maurice Price Foundadtion grant for the Math Preparedness Program ($60,000)

2006 Inducted a Lifetime Fellow of the Fields Institute

2004-2007 SSHRC grant on The Effect of Applets Supporting Higher Level Mathematical Thinking on Pedagogy and Student Learning ($85,000)